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Jonathan - Brings lots of energy and has loads of love to give.
Victoria-The critical thinker who tends to restore sense to the madness
Des- Dev enthusiast and life analyst, where there is no logic, there is no Des
Javan- Wildly optimistic who seems to think he will one day take over the world.
Danielle - Mostly lives in her own world but tends to share some great ideas with ours from time to time.

Our mission is to provide a platform where business’ in our community can thrive

We are tulsans The ’t’ in tulsans remains lower case throughout our brand and emphasises that we as a community will work to put the ‘Capital’ back into our economy. Our name derives from Tulsa, Oklahoma also known as The Black wall street. Their ethos allowed them to build one of the wealthiest communities; where money circulated for at least 1 year before it would need to leave the community. This is because they supported and traded amongst each other, every business in this community mattered.

tulsans was founded by Javan Adjei Brand and marketing enthusiast and entrepreneur. Along side Javan there are four other great minds including Co-Founder Danielle Jones who are part of making this great initiative a platform where our communities can thrive.

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About the Founder

tulsans the online marketplace. Was founded by Javan Adjei, a Ghanaian man born in the UK who grew up in south London. 

Javan decided to create tulsans because he heard far too many misfortunate events and mis-treatments happening to his community. He essentially felt part of the problem is that we do not have any infrastructure or economic leverage, so in a sense we have all had to rely on a system which has been created to keep us below.

So the concept behind tulsans is just that in 2020 there have not been economic changes that leverage our community, we’re bringing black entrepreneurs into one online space and allowing that coin to circulate, ‘tulsans is the community where you matter’ where black people can become the suppliers of our culture that will in turn help to increase our economic leverage in society.


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Meet Our Leaders

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