covid 19

Throughout everything we do, it is the health and safety of our vendors, customers, consumers and employees that remains our number one priority. For Government specific guidance around COVID-19, please refer to the respective Government web page, within your country of residence.

(UK: Please see below for answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) and advice for vendors, concerning how we seek to manage possible events that could occur due to the COVID-19 outbreak.


Will delivery times be affected?

As the Coronavirus has spread, we’ve seen an increase in online shopping, which in turn has seen a slight increase in delivery times, for some products. For any updates on delivery times, please have a look on the individual product detail page. You can also make contact with the respective vendor, to request further information.

Is it safe to receive physical orders?

According to the WHO (link here: and the CDC (link here:, the likelihood of catching the virus from making contact with a package that has been moved and exposed to different conditions and temperatures is low. However, they advise that the risk of catching the virus can be minimised by taking the following steps:

  1. Practice contactless deliveries whenever you can. Contactless deliveries allow you to receive a delivery that has been left at a doorstep, move back to a distance greater than 6 feet away while verifying receipt of the delivery (if required), and try to do everything electronically whenever you can (e.g., in an app or over a phone). This eliminates the need for close contact between you and the delivery person.
  2.  Maintain a distance of 6 feet or greater from others you might meet or need to speak to whist receiving your deliveries.
  3. Limit contact with frequently touched surfaces during deliveries, such as doorbells or door handles. Use a foot, shoulder, elbow, hip, or forearm when opening doors, instead of hands, if possible.

Is it possible to reduce contact with the delivery driver when they deliver my order?

Yes – tulsans advise that you communicate this desire with your delivery or courier service prior to delivery. This may include asking for your order to place at the door and for the delivery person to step back once the order has been left. Another option is to nominate a safe place that the courier or delivery service could leave your parcel, however parcels are left at the customers own risk.

Proper hand hygiene is also an important infection control measure. Keep in mind where you can access and use facilities with soap and water before and after receiving your order. Wash your hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol.


As a vendor, if you normally visit the Post Office or a parcel drop-off point to send your received orders, please go to extra lengths to make sure you are following the in-store process of practising social-distancing and remains at least 2 metres apart from others.

Try and move some (or all) of your postage procedures online. For example, if you normally pay for postage in the Post Office, you can buy and print postage labels online via the Post Office website, or by using other courier services such as DHL, Hermes or any other reputable courier service.

You can also book home pick-up services from a number of courier companies (HermesDHL) when you buy postage labels online. If you use another courier service, please contact them about using their parcel collection services instead of dropping parcels off.

If you are struggling to dispatch your items every day due to the current situation, you can adjust your dispatch time on each of your listings.

For information on how to change your dispatch times, please visit the Tulsans HELP HERE