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The Best Beauty Tips Just For You

Our team of beauty gurus and skincare experts have put together some tips along with the best line of beauty and skincare products just for you.
Get them at the most affordable prices and bask in the wellness of a rejuvenating skin care regime from the comfort of your own home.

1. Cleanse Daily

Use a gentle cleanser that does not clog skin daily after shower. Try to use ones that claim to be “non-comedogenic.” 

2. Wear Sunscreen

The myth about Black people not being affected by the sun is not entirely true. We all need an adequate amount of sun protection. 

3. Treat acne early

Prevent the condition from getting worse which will prevent dark spots on the skin. Find a gentle daily skincare routine can help stop acne.

4. Fight hyperpigmentation

This is areas of skin discolouration and can affect people with any skin tone. Although sunscreen helps prevent this it doesn't get rid of existing dark spots.

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© 2020, tulsans LTD. All rights reserved.


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