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Product Upload Guidelines

This guide is here to help you get the best out of and increase your sales. Please use this guide to understand how to upload and display your products.

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House Rules

Our Code of Conduct

House Rules


We at tulsans believe that you matter, and this means we want your voice to be heard! The tulsans community is vast and wide-ranging comprising vendors and users, amongst others. Therefore, we take the integrity of the community very seriously.

Vendor conduct


tulsans expects its vendors and users to behave professionally and civilly. We seek to treat people with decency and kindness. All vendors should adhere fully to the tulsans code of conduct when listing and selling products on the tulsans platform. Failure to adhere fully could result in suspension of your tulsans account. 

Vendor Code of Conduct Principles include:

  • Adhering to all applicable laws and abide by all of tulsans’ policies
  • Keep your vendor account up-to-date by maintaining current account information
  • When listing products, do not include website URLs, or other company information that might refer a customer directly to your website or a third-party website
  • Always act in a manner that ensures a trustworthy shopping experience for tulsans customers
  • Do not list products that you know to be harmful or that could cause harm to tulsans’ customers
  • Act fairly at all times – do not engage in unfair behaviour. Examples of unfair behaviour include:
    • Behaviour that could be deemed as manipulation
    • Actions that seek to intentionally damage another seller’s listings, rankings, reviews or reputation
    • Only maintain one seller account, with any given trading name, unless you have a genuine need to open up more than one account,
    • Any attempt to open up a second account, should only occur when your first account is in good standing. Examples of a genuine business justification includes:
      • You own multiple brands and maintain separate businesses for each
      • You manufacture products for two distinct and separate companies
  • We are unable to accept any products with CBD or THC in them, such as CBD-containing oil or tincture, topical cannabis-based products, or services (like massages) that include cannabis-based products. If any of these products are found on the platform they will have to be deleted instantly.
  • As we are trying to promote and encourage self-love within our community we will be reviewing products that do not fit that narrative and in some cases we may make decisions to request you remove these products from our platform as they may be offensive to our community.

Respect for others

tulsans believe that we are all unique, and so we are certain to have differences in opinions, this means you may come across some content that you disagree with. Please bear in mind that something that you disagree with, may not violate our guidelines. Thus, in-order to keep the community a welcoming environment for all, your participation must always be respectful of others, please seek to raise concerns to us directly

In particular, we ask that:

  • You treat every user, vendor and / or tulsans’ employee with respect and dignity. No user, vendor and / or tulsans employee should be subject to any physical, sexual, psychological, verbal or online abuse. Vendors should not engage in discriminatory practices based on race, ethnicity, colour, background, age, gender, sexual orientation, caste, disability, socioeconomic status, pregnancy status, religion, political affiliation, marital status or any other personal characteristic, trait or behaviour. 
  • Tulsans believe in fair and open competition. Therefore, we ask that all vendors will compete vigorously but with honesty and integrity, in compliance with all applicable competition and antitrust legislation, where it concerns conducting your business on the tulsans platform. This means that any anti-competitive behaviour agreement, that therefore would not be honest and upright, is prohibited. Failure to adhere fully could result in suspension of your tulsans account. 

Privacy Agreement


By signing up as a vendor, you are committing to protect the reasonable privacy of personal information of everyone that you do business with. This includes customers, consumers and any other relevant users. We ask that you comply with privacy and information security laws and regulations when personal information is collected, stored, shared or processed. 



Vendors take full responsibility for their own shop. Vendors who present the products/services/intellectual property of others as their own violate the trust of our consumers and as such, this will result in the suspension of your tulsans account.  

Customer Service


We ask that vendors will try at all times to provide customers and consumers with:

  • A user-friendly and supportive retail experience
  • Access to a range of services that will enhance customer / consumer retail experience
  • An assurance of quality in respect of procedures and processes
  • An assurance that business is conducted professionally, and offering the best value for money
  • Fair and competitive prices for all of our services.

Refund policies


Refunds are at the discretion of our vendors, but we encourage that you provide your customers with a refund policy for each product, to find out how to do this click here 

  • Each vendor will have their own store refunding policies  in place as some items may not be able to be eligible for refund due to the nature of the product, if you have any concerns please enquire directly with seller about individual refund policies before purchase.

Help! There’s a problem with my order

  • Buyers- If you have a problem with your order damaged/missing or arrived  in an unsatisfactory condition please contact the seller directly to raise your concerns, allow 2 working days for seller to respond and try to resolve your issue ;if you still have difficulty please contact us to review the case please include as much evidence as possible so that we may resolve we will aim to resolve within 1week
  • Vendors- Money is stored in your wallet on your dashboard 1-2 weeks before you can request to withdraw your earnings, should any discrepancies arise during this timeframe we encourage you to resolve as swiftly as possible (via store web chat) if one cannot be reached please contact us

We encourage all sellers to provide tracked shipping 

(Royal Mail now offer this free online) 

  • Shipping policies?
  • While selling on tulsans you will operate your store with honesty and integrity; please only advertise items you have to sell and  are able to fulfil, please state clearly if items are used and do not mislead customers to boost sales. 
  • Fulfilment of orders? (recommended lead time?)

Items should be received no later than 10 working days from order placed (unless made to order) items please let buys know if their handmade items will exceed this time frame; if there is a delay in processing orders/ or postal delays please keep your buyer updated as a matter of courtesy.

You don’t want to have negative feelings towards your business practices, be mindful  of the shopping experience you provide – this is your best opportunity to get your 5-star rating so be mindful of store conduct 

– we reserve the right to investigate and scrutinise high-priced items 

Especially those  priced over £500 as a start up we want to keep our community safe by our due diligence practices.

We would expect you to have performance levels of an authorized business and would look to seek information on companies house to verify you & business 

We want the tulsans platform to give you the best experience possible. While we continue to develop our platform we ask that you also respect our platform. We want tulsans to look as appealing as it can, so we have provided a guideline document to help you know what we expect when you post products. Please click here to download our product guidelines.