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Tulsans is a multi vendor marketplace that has been created to help our community gain financial leverage. The company was founded by Javan Adjei, a British born Ghanaian man who grew up in south London. Adjei decided to create this business after encountering many news stories of misfortunate and mis-treatment faced by the black community particularly in the wake of police brutality, gun violence in the US and rampant knife crime in the UK.

He felt part of the problem faced by black people was because of a lack of infrastructure or economic leverage, resulting in black people’s reliance on the system, a system which was created to oppose us. Thus, tulsans was created to bring about real tangible change, opportunity and economic growth; the ‘t’ in tulsans remains lowercase as the business wants to “work towards putting the capital back into [our] community.”

Tulsans officially launched their BETA platform on 1st August 2020 which was the second Black Pound day in the UK which saw over 1000 confirmed black businesses trading globally. Adjei has his eyes set on Tulsans becoming the largest black owned marketplace, home to a range of products that include everything from rugs, hand-crafted items, bespoke fashion and everyday essentials. It is open to all consumers and suppliers from all over the world that want to buy and trade amongst themselves.

The name tulsans derives from Tulsa, Oklahoma (The Black Wall Street). “Their ethos allowed them to build one of the wealthiest communities where money circulated for at least 1 year before it would need to leave the community.” This is because they supported their business and traded amongst each other and every business in this community mattered.

The company’s motto is “the community where you matter.”

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